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Our Web Hosting Features

99.99% uptime and unrivalled reliability as standard.


High Performance

Our high performance servers ensure that your site is online even at peak times.

Enhanced Security

We have all the latest Security features built in to our servers to prevent attacks and hacks to your site.

Spam Guard

Our spam guard ensures that any and all spam is filtered out.

Great Support

Our dedicated customer support team is on hand 24/7 to help you with any problems you may have.

Most Popular Web Hostings

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Email Hosting

Ideal if you just want emails but no website
0GB Storage Space
0GB Bandwidth
0 Free Sub-Domains
100 E-mail
Accounts Control Panel & FTP
Only £9.99/per annum
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Advanced Plan

Perfect for the small website.
20GB Storage Space
75GB Bandwidth
25 Free Sub-Domains
175 E-mail
Accounts Control Panel & FTP
Only £19.99/per annum
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Premium Plan

Ideal for large websites and E-Commerce sites
40GB Storage Space
150GB Bandwidth
50 Free Sub-Domains
500 E-mail
Accounts Control Panel & FTP
Only £29.99/per annum
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The Webs Direct Way

We use the latest OnAPP virtualisation software to abstract your cPanel hosting services from the hardware that it sits on.

A Platform for Reliability and Performance

Our SSD-powered storage is centralised in a highly available 10Gbe Storage Area Network (SAN).  This not only makes our storage and network a lot quicker, but also means that you’re no longer reliant on the physical machine on which your web hosting or VPS runs.

Our OnAPP cloud hosting cluster controller monitors all cPanel hosting services day and night, and if it detects a failure of any critical hardware, it’ll automatically move your hosting onto spare hardware.

This all happens so seamlessly that you won’t even notice, and our engineers would then simply replace the failed hardware with no impact on your web hosting, VPS or e-mail services.  We’re so confident that it works, that we guarantee your hosting won’t drop below 99.99% availability.

Most web hosting servers are vastly under-used.  In tests across our data centres we’ve found that at any given time, about 75% of our hardware is being used less than 25% of its maximum capacity.

That’s a big waste of energy and money.  By pooling both back-end storage and front-end servers we can cut hardware costs dramatically and pass that saving on to you.  It also makes the whole process energy efficient.  This also means that your web hosting package always has the power you need, providing unrivalled performance gains, you’re never going to find your cloud hosting low on resources.

Our Service

Unlike a lot of hosting providers; we are not simply a reseller.  At Webs Direct, we operate our own dedicated hardware from data centres right here in the UK.

Using our own hardware and networks allows us to build scalable and bespoke hosting platforms, utilising industry-leading software.

All services we provide are built on cloud technology, allowing us to upscale on-demand to meet customer expectations without downtime.

On top of all this, we provide fantastic customer service too!

Our Hosting Platform.

Our bespoke platform has been designed and built by us, using premium hardware to provide ultra-reliability and performance..

  • 99.99% Uptime as Standard.
  • OnApp Cloud-Powered.
  • Daily Backups as Standard.
  • SSD-Powered.
  • Dell & CISCO Hardware
  • UK Hosted
  • Firewall Security Protection

99.99% Uptime.

With a traditional dedicated server, if your hardware fails then you get downtime.  Our OnAPP Cloud is not reliant on any single piece of hardware, allowing you to benefit from a massive 99.99% uptime.

Our uptime and performance are both independently monitored by IPPATROL.  Please see our publicly available uptime metrics from IPPATROL below:

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